Bible project

Just a shout out to this you tube channel.

Here’s a link to a playlist of all their videos in the same order as the Bible.

It’s a series of under-10-minute illustrated videos that give you really pithy overviews of the books of the Bible.

They’ve branched out of late and done words and themes and other Christian questions.

I’ve watched their two Isaiah videos (see the first below) twice. It’s like a drone shot of the book… You zoom up from the ground and see the whole landscape.

To find it you just search the name of any book in YouTube, or to be sure “Bible project” + book name.

Thank you Bible project, you’ve done humanity a massive favour!





Just a note about my most referred to commentator – Thank you Paster Guzik for your free online commentary “enduring word”, so useful in a project like this for getting quick background and insight.¬† You’ve given the world a great gift in that brief commentary!

Reading plans

I’ve been reading the bible from Bible Gateway. I suppose pretty much everyone does, and I often feel strong gratitude for the people who put it together (though I wish they would change¬†designer at some point – that colour scheme!)

I’ve been dipping into one of their reading plans of late, the whole bible is laid out in chronological order of events, which helps the books lead one to the other.

I won’t stick to it 100% but useful to know!