Jonah Overview

Such a great book about loving your enemies. So well told.

How good a starting place is Jonah’s attempt to escape his God-given mission?

How great an ironic picture of winding up with nothing but God is his prayer from the belly of a fish?

Then the rhetorical conclusion: aren’t you glad when I show mercy to your enemies? Your brutal oppressors? Sure I took away your umbrella, but that’s not the important thing here …is it?

I LOVE THIS BOOK. What it shows of God’s patience and mercy.

To the wicked… and to those who supposedly love him. To the proud: Jonah, and anyone prepared to be humbled: king of Nineveh.

So gentle, so funny really. Ending with God’s lesson in how to preach to the converted: just ask questions.

Its comes back to me often, it’s a really acutely clear, easy to follow yet nuanced, counterintuitive, revelation about God’s love.

1 Jonah, unwilling prophet, escaping God on a boat. A wild storm from God: he realises he must be thrown overboard, and the fish gets him.

2 prayer from a fish, from anything but God to nothing but God, praise as life ebbs away, then vomitted to dry land

3 Jonahs message saves Nineveh, the Assyrian capital He hates it, he’d rather love God’s justice than his mercy.

4 Jonah, camped out for the schadenfreude show of Israel’s enemies destroyed, instead witnesses mercy plus God kills the plant giving him shade! Ends with God rhetorically questioning his ‘right’ to anger

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