2 Samuel Overview

The story of the King who most closely embodied God’s ideal.

He would not seize the throne, he would only accept it if God gave it to him.

He would not be vindictive against his enemies, or even politically calculating. Some of their wars were caused by neighbouring countries not comprehending his kindness, thinking it was a trap.

Faced with rebellion, he ran away, and eventually returned to the Kingship with a heavy heart.

He forgave without considering self protection, he mourned the death of his enemies. When his son betrayed him, his fatherly love overrode political considerations.

He drove his generals crazy, but he was also a brilliant warrior leader. He was undignified, artistic, spontaneous passionate.

God loved him. God loves mankind, but David let his love be seen so much. Key interaction: when David wants to build God a house and God says let me build you a house. Amadeus.

He was guilty of lust, murder and pride. His failings blew up his family. His reign was marked by constant war.

Through it all God was acting, pulling strings, there are words of messianic prophesy. Most of all David really loves God. That is above everything else for him.

David’s refusal to actively try to replace the Lord’s annointed King
1 Starts with David’s lament for Saul, yes who wanted to kill him, and Jonathon. David deeply believed that God is king and respects the Lord’s annointed
2 David talks to God and won’t seize the rule. Civil war breaks out, but he waits for God
3 David loves his enemies. Its almost over neat how he mourns the death at the hands of one of his lieutenants his last impediment to the throne, but I buy it.
4 Everyone except David is pursuing the throne. He won’t do it. Another overenthusiastic assassin brings him a step closer to the throne, expecting reward he gets death

Great things in David’s kingship
5 David is finally made King, establishes Jerusalem as the capital. He obeys god and is given victory against the philistines. He is the picture of God’s obedient king
6 Joy as the Ark comes to Jerusalem, quintessential David moment. And lessons too, don’t do God’s work your way, he needs servant not managers
7 David wants to build God a house, God says, no I’ll build you one. David accepts, loves Gods messianic word. Ps23 extra rich “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”
8 Davids wars lead to peace. He’s doing the work the people were supposed to do in Joshua
9 David finds Jonathon’s lame son, Sauls grandson, and makes him part of the court. Counter intuitive love of enemies.
10 David’s attempt at kindness is met with suspicion and sparks a war. Picture of David is not weak but good. So often we associate badass with strong

David’s sin, family and political crisis, and his unique character
11 Right at the height of success, David jarringly murders over lust for Bathsheba
12 Sin matters, its all bought out in the light by the prophet. David will not know military peace again, and they lose the baby they conceived.
13 David’s family falls apart with a story of lust, incestuous rape and revenge. I consider that its not punishment of God as much as absence of God
14 One son murdered another, the support of wise people engineers the almost impossible forgiveness of Absolom, the living one by David
15 Absolom leads a rebellion against David to the extent he is on the run hiding in the desert… again!
16 Great chapter about the pluses and minuses of loving your enemies as various spared enemies either exploit, rejoice or help David in his downfallen state.
17 Setting up David’s return, chapter shows the spiritual reality governing even the most Machiavellian of lives
18 A powerful misdirect, the old 1-2-3. Third message of death to David in the book, previously Saul and a rival to the throne. This time his son. He doesn’t shoot the messenger, he just deeply cries and mourns. Emotional ambush!
19 Empty victory. Wearily David steps up to being King again, broken but dutiful, flowing with mercy.

Old David: greatness, foolishness, love of God and tiredness
20 More rebellion, more of general Joab being a practically effective general where David will not. Another wise women (the women of Samuel… worth a study). David is old and over it, Nathan’s prophesy that he is doomed to live by the sword must have rung in his ears.
21 David is forced to allow Gibeonite neighbours to exact revenge on Sauls’ remaining offspring bar one to honour an ancient promise in Joshua. He is old, Israel starts killing giants without him…
22 Old, pride broken, David sings to God, ending 2 Sam as 1 Sam started, a song about God’s transcendence above earthly power.
23 David’s last words, his confidence in his God, and list of mighty warriors and battles they fought, ending poignantly with Uzziah who he had killed.
24 Last chapter is story of a plague as punishment for David taking a census of fighting men, and him sacrificing on an altar to please God.

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