Genesis 8

Of all the elements of the story that strain credibility, I would think the idea of being locked up for a whole YEAR in there with all those animals hardest to imagine. And it makes it sounds like there was no light. For real?

You worry about how much feed you would need. And the poo.

Certainly, the narrative is quite dramatic in how it draws out the excruciating wait for the waters to recede. Another week!

Then the glorious promise, the world will continue to support us till the end. Never again will god turn nature on us because of our sin. (Take note, gay aids bigots!)

God makes no bones about every inclination of our hearts continuing to be evil from birth. But even so, Noah’s faithfulness in his first instinct being to sacrifice one of the precious animals as a thanks to god, the trust it shows that it has all been about the lords provision, and the spirit of thankfulness, pleases God. Noah is still evil from birth. But he trusts God and is thankful.

Dear father, Noah could have felt traumatised by the ordeal. He could have felt to a degree like he had earned his salvation by doing it tough and the labour of his own hands. But he saw the spiritual meaning behind the concrete events, and his first instinct was to acknowledge you and give thanks. He is a great example.