Hosea 9

A chapter of firey prophesy of judgement, but done with a poetic sadness and regret.

Hosea has no “cut through”, the people are prosperous and busy. His message is of coming disaster. They won’t hear of it.

It’s interesting to see in this unfolding COVID-19 pandemic different reactions to the truth. Doctors predict the spread and the measures that can slow it enough that the hospital system won’t get overwhelmed.

You can literally see in the death rates per million of population differences in the ability of various countries to accept the truth and act on it.

And it comes down to an individual level, a personal decision to abide by the truth, or even if you aren’t convinced, a sense of responsibility to the majority to go with the program.

Hosea gets desperate at one point and writes in a double take… He starts “Give them Lord….” But then says “what will you give them?” He’s going from projecting his anger as a wish list to God, to actually seeking God’s will. He settles on low fertility, an irony because the false gods they worship are fertility Gods.

He’s saying god is in charge of fertility, and the merciful thing would be not to bring children into the destruction and dislocation that is rapidly coming to them.

We aren’t quite there yet with the virus, but a work colleague who is going on maternity leave was on a walk and told by police not to be outside, at risk of a $2000 fine the other day!

God wants good things for us, Jesus broke evil and death, so we can have abundant blessing, but that truth is not accepted over the false promises of greed and selfishness.

The “gospel” of sensible medical precautions falls on paths, stony ground, gets pecked away by birds, and some falls on fertile ground and takes root. Just like Jesus’ gospel. There are consequences.

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