Ezekiel 35

New years Day.

I pray for my children, Rennie overnight at a new years eve party: for safety, wisdom and enlightenment, bro, and for lewes at home, for clarity, opportunities and courage. For Daisy, happiness, stability, prosperity and a few breaks. For Kelly, satisfaction, joy, peace, the husband she deserves. Myself wisdom, energy and patience.

I would like to be more carefree, but if not, that this sense of melancholy will be productive of care and empathy. Openness, rather than the glum stoicism I revert to.

For the world… A mixture of undeserved blessing and thoroughly deserved justice, based on whether I like the part of the world in question.

In today’s passage God promises that Edom, Israel’s neighbor that opportunistically joined in the downfall and plunder of Judah will get the historical obscurity it deserves. With God, justice executed on a person or society deserving it is a last resort, the most horrible of judgements.

They have only just recently found archaeological evidence of Edom, it became so thoroughly obscure.

Being human,I tend to prefer justice on those I don’t respect. And grace for those I admire. God’s patient way is far more generous and fair.

It’s possible in a few ways for our family to thrive more in 2020 than last year. May God give us grace and blessing.

Historically, the thing most likely to bring about spiritual renewal is to write God off.

Between the historical corruption and naked political opportunism of much of the church, to an extent I would not have thought possible as a child; and the increasing malice towards Christianity in mainstream culture I don’t know who is doing a better job of rejecting God. Probably the church.

But maybe it heralds some sort of revival in the coming decade.

When the heavy apparatus of religion, temples, kings, priests and things, failed in Israel, the wild outsiders, the prophets came in with the beautiful magnificent revelation of god’s plan of grace.

Maybe again?

Too much to pray for!

4 thoughts on “Ezekiel 35

  1. Thank your for sharing your prayer for the New Year – may it be fulfilled. Also, are you all being effected by the fires around Sydney? I read in one of your posts that you used to live near there….

    1. Thanks Annie! We live in sight of the Sydney CBD which is built up enough that it won’t burn from wild fires… Though the smoke and heat has been awful. We know people whose farms have burned, who’ve lost all they built up.

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