Ezekiel 25

Don’t worry, they’ll get theirs.

Lest Israel make a case that God is picking on them, This chapter assures them that their neighbours who passively watched and cheered as Babylon destoys Israel will get their judgement too.

God has no time for schadenfreude here.

I’m stressed organising our holiday. It’s expensive, complicated, and I’m worried it might not actually be that fun.

I don’t think there’s any natural connection between what Ezekiel is saying here and my worry, but it’s clarified that I should talk out my fears to Kelly somehow.

Maybe it’s something about the mutual destructiveness of being passive. Not being to blame for something doesn’t actually stop the bad thing being bad. Blame games don’t fix anything.

We’re in the season of advent, the season of hope, joy peace and love. The blame game increases none of those.

2 thoughts on “Ezekiel 25

  1. Not sure if you’re a Pulp Fiction fan, but did you know that Ezekiel 25:17 is the Bible verse quoted by Jules Winnfield through-out it? (well, kinda, Tarantino took a lot of artistic license with it…but I still think it’s kind of cool.)

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