Ezekiel 23

A word from God that is a surprisingly vulgar and explicit analogy of Samaria and Jerusalem and prostitutes. Have no illusion, God understands all about the dynamics and details of that activity.

Jerusalem is worse because it courted more nations, who are depicted as the clients. So both accommodated the Assyrians, but Jerusalem also turned to the Chaldeans, Babylonians, and back to the Egyptians they came from.

These were all alliances. So it set me thinking about alliances as well as the gravity of sin. It’s who and how they got in bed with…

In message after message to the forgotten Israelites in Babylon, God is desperately saying he hasn’t abandoned them, they abandoned him. He’s allowing this out of desperation as the only way he can reach them.

Lust has a context in love, but can also be separate. God is rejecting our claim to be satisfied in a loveless life.

God wants us to respond.

From the time the Israelites were in the desert, he doesn’t force any of them to love him. He’s showing them the consequences of rejecting him while they can still choose.

The response can be shown in pretty much anything. Wordlessly touching the hem of Jesus’ cloak.