Ezekiel 20

God, can’t live without him, can’t live with him.

The Israelites are aware that Ezekiel speaks prophetically, so the leaders come to enquire of God.

They get a big rebuking dose of what they ought to already know. They are being judged for their faithlessness. Their situation is actually merciful compared to leaving them in the child sacrifice worship they had adopted. Their culture needed to be disrupted.

At the end of a long, sad history lesson, ending with an emotional plea to soften and accept God’s mercy, they say the saddest thing. They tell Ezekiel he is speaking in parables. They refuse to understand.

Ezekiel is a presence of their God in exile. They know he can’t be ignored. Their hearts know they are being judged and corrected, but they ask Ezekiel for a message anyway, and when they are told what they already knew, they claim not to understand it.

So true.

I’ve been away, I’ve been using this time to organise my EP launch, of songs inspired by this blog, so it feels related.

But I’m ready, I hope, to remake this habit. I get the truth at work, at church, here. It can be so familiar I risk giving it the contempt that the Israelites did.

I need to give time to pray for my family my friends.

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