Psalm 147

A love story about God and Israel, which today reads like the love story for every believer.

God calls anyone who understands that they need him. Who understands they are outcasts, misfits gathered from exile.

Weak, broken, humbled in body or spirit, he binds and heals our wounds. He knows us, he knows each star. His knowledge is unfathomable.

He provides, he is not impressed by the things or people that normally impress us, we delight him simply by putting our hope in him.

He freezes and he thaws, like snow, like water. Why are we blessed? Why do we love him? His power works to harden some hearts, and soften some hearts, he is in control of it all, there is a meaning to it all.

Praise him for softening ours!

We had a good day yesterday. I took it off work, since everyone else is on holidays.

Sydney turned on a perfect day, winter with no sting and three of us went boating, myself, Kelly and youngest, Ren.

We didn’t necessarily do things that were objectively great, but it was a kind day, we were gentle and didn’t raise problems, he kept his cynicism at bay, we didn’t hound him about our frustrations with him.

Boating was actually a bit boring, but no one complained. We ate a late lunch/early dinner looking at people playing in the dusk over water. Came home and watched a pretty fun movie.

I praise God but I don’t always understand, the God who freezes and who melts. I put my hope in him, he’s the best thing going IMHO.

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