Psalm 140

Oh psalms!

I’m excited about a silly thing: I’m very close to finishing psalms, which, if you are reading a maximum of one chapter a day of the Bible, is at least a 150 day undertaking. Can’t help thinking “140… just 10 to go!”

But I’m bored by an important thing: the words of God. Or if you are less evangelical than me, King David’s words about God. Either way, Christians aren’t supposed to find it a yawn.

This is a”smite my enemies” psalm. By this point in Psalms, there have been many.

V1-6: rescue me, keep me safe, because these people are really bad… Poisonous Words and evil deeds.

V7-11: let the smiting begin: may coals fall on their head, may they fall into a miry pit, be trapped by their own mischief (an elegant curse!) Don’t let slanderers and violent people run the country.

V12-13: God’s way, justice, upholding the needy.

It’s cool and holy the way the focus progresses from being about his problems, his worry about his own danger at the start, to leaving the revenge to God, and by the end being more concerned for justice and good government for others, concern for the vulnerable.

I wondered if I let evil people off too lightly. Should I have more zeal? I don’t have many people I call down God’s judgment upon, though I do get quite worked up about bad government, there is a lot of it about lately.

I’m really not engaging today. I suppose it inevitable with a discipline that you will find yourself occasionally doing things even though you don’t feel it. Marriage is a bit like that.

But if there is never magic, it will get to the point where it is never rewarding, a discipline like this which is self imposed should be revisited. This project is far from that though, much as I love psalms, it does get like this. It’s a book you have to dip into rather than read right through.

Reeling today from the news that my sister in law is getting divorced. Thinking of her, praying for her. It’s not coming back, he’s leaving her for another woman.

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