Psalm 105

I thought … we’ve been here before. A retelling of the history of Israel.

Of course there are neat songs to teach and celebrate the story of their nation. They didn’t have posters, or TV shows.

The emphasis here is god’s mighty works, what he did.

I looked back at Psalm 78, another of the historical genre of Psalms. There was much more about the people’s response, god’s patience and forgiveness.

This is self described as a lesson about God for all nations, but it’s mainly for the true believers, the Israelites. It’s certainly a less positive take for other nations than the kingship Psalms I read last week. They were about all the world being blessed by the one true God.

The message here is more don’t mess with Israel like Egypt did. It details all the plagues and the dread of Israel they caused.

It’s also framed around memory. We do well to remember what God has done, because God never forgets his promises. It’s a series of promises made and promises kept, and those who seem to be successfully standing in the way of god’s promises coming undone.

And I do remember. I’ve come to learn reading the Torah, and the constant references back to it in the books that follow how crossing the red sea and going to the promised land was not just another Bible story but the big reveal of the character of God. The first fruition of his intervention to set the world to rights.

This telling doesn’t really refer to the law, it’s about his rescue and his promises.

No neat message to take into the day. Sometimes the scriptures consolidate, cement the significance of things.

It’s the weekend. I feel mostly blank, a little overwhelmed. Maybe I do have some promises to remember. I have an underlying worry about money. I need to be sensible about it, but I pray every week for God to provide too. I should remember his provision.

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