Proverbs 4

A father telling his son that wisdom is really important and precious.

Wisdom is spoken of in female gender, don’t know what that means. Might think on that a bit longer.

Wisdom has no content in this chapter, rather her benefits are listed. She will give life, health, safety and be a garland for his head.

There are a lot of path analogies. Wickedness is the opposite of wisdom, a path you don’t want to follow. It’s associated with ignorance, a loss of control. Wisdom is a straight path requiring focus.

What am I saying? Nothing much. Sort of writing an English essay about it hoping it will trigger something.

I lack boldness and confidence. I could get that from this, encouragement to value my insight, not pull my punches.

I’m finding it quite painful but simulating working on a 10 lesson series on the spirituality of dance for work.

Finished the first draft yesterday, but now preparing a younger version after feedback that the first draft would be too abstract for under 9 year olds. A non abstract series of lessons about connecting to God through dance is strange to contemplate, but I got some good tips on how kids that age do understand God yesterday.

They are better than adults at believing God is in control of their life, and they don’t struggle with the idea of God being like their parents but knowing even more.

It’s a helpful frame to think of passing on wisdom to children, I keep having a deep compassion for them, in the case of these kids often coming from a place of some disadvantage, struggling to make sense of life and God.

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