Proverbs 2

Encouraging a son to value wisdom.

The points are:

Wisdom comes from God. If you seek it out, treat it as the treasure it is, you will have God’s mind, and discern what is good and helpful.

It will protect you from evil men and seductive women, both of whom are potentially your ruin.

It’s all put much more persuasively than that with examples.

Well I’m convinced, but I suppose I’m fairly old and wise. I do sigh some days when I hear youths say or do classically unwise things. You aren’t born knowing a lot of this stuff.

This book will remind me to be a bit more direct in passing on my view of life and God to my kids – after all that is part of the purpose of this blog. But it’s been a bit of a failure on that score so far. I’m hopeful for the future.

I’ve always had a very laissez-faire fair parenting style, good to focus on the fact that I do sometimes know better.

There’s still heaps for me to learn too, I’m sure.

I have so many child concern things I’ve put off because of the uncertain financial future, and that issue won’t resolve, so I’m feeling quite overburdened with inadequacy.

Do I give up on Salvation Army and just go find whatever random well paid job I can? Argh!

Do I book psychiatrists, buy driving lessons, mobile phone contracts, how do I juggle back to school expenses, do I support Daisy’s art career? How can I sensibly prioritise? Gotta have faith! And wisdom…

I am dubious of the approach. I feel like the attitude, the desire to be wise, is more valuable than the wisdom itself. Often the work of trying to be wise is harder than the awareness of what the wise path is.

Just being told it doesn’t make it happen.

I’m questioning their theology of the spirit, but this is the Bible, so I suppose I’m questioning my own understanding of faith and works, our will and the spirit, and so forth.

I can’t express this point in a way that isn’t fuzzy. No doubt I’ll have the odd opportunity to clarify it as I go though proverbs.

But for now, still keen, let’s proceed.

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