Psalm 86

‘I will praise you Lord my God with all my heart’

Deep in praise. I can imagine its the sort of thing king David was saying during those stories of where he spent days and nights in the sanctuary of the Lord, lost in praise,

I had to read the psalm a few times to make anything stand out, because it’s such a pile of praise phrases.

There is a spine of supplication through it. He’s in a pickle and he wants God to help, every stanza refers to it.

But in the presence of God, his mind gets so attuned to God’s mind that his problems fade and go into the background, while God’s character overwhelms everything in the foreground.

It’s like I came to you to butter you up for a favour by flattering you, but then the flattery became an end in itself ‘you’re a helpful guy, can I borrow five dollars? You’ve always lent me money in the past. You’re generous, you’re the best friend a guy ever had. You’re so amazing, you’re actually incredible…’

I’ve had a bit of this. Being very engaged with my church, reading here each day, working for a Christian organisation. I’m so Christian! It’s a deep dive. I’ll observe two things.

The human will is incredibly resislient against the promptings of the holy spirit.

It’s good brain washing. The closer I align my mind to God’s, the more I find my own identity and my humanness. Christianity is a massive process of finding out what’s wrong with you and setting yourself free from it.

‘Great is your love towards me’

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