Psalm 85

God and people, up and down. God above, people below.

The first half talks to God, remembering blessings past and asking for restoration again. Specifically for God’s anger to pass, for him to show his unfailing love, revive and save the people.

It was clearly written during a time of distress.

Second half talks about our part in it. The author promises to listen to God, to fear him and not be foolish.

Then you have these lovely pictures of God’s grace and our response kissing. Godly people being the meeting place of God’s righteousness and the faithful responses on earth.

It may have been a prayer for an actual drought, or a metaphor, but you have God’s blessing coming down and the fruitfulness of the fields reaching up.

The sense of mutuality, of my part to play, is a great way to launch into a new week. I’ll give it my all!

Since we’re doing so much music of late, here chance the rapper’s blessings song, which this psalm bought to mind.

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