Psalm 81

I’m at a depressing phase of new years: knuckling back down to work, family bored and restless in the hot, wet weather, facing the bills and bank balances I ignored over the break.

But here is a festival Psalm. Sing joyfully to God because it’s new moon, and because God says to. Just because God, really.

The festival was the day of atonement, closest thing they had to Easter I suppose.

This was followed by the festival of the booths, like a two week picnic with tents.

And it comes with a plea to the people to listen to God. If only they would do that, it would unlock so much blessing.

Well day two back at work.

I have some goals… Two enjoyable pieces of work I want drafted by the end of the week.

I got a good night’s sleep having adjusted my clock backwards a few hours.

Sing joyfully, I can do this!

I loved singing this setting of the first 4 verses as a child. All the joyous lines pile on top of each other so you can’t even make out the words for all the sweet weaving notes.. 2 minutes of bliss!

Lyre,timbrel, viol, trumpet!

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