Job 41

Crocodile, dragon or Satan?

A weird penultimate chapter talks in tremendous detail about Leviathan.

Some people think it’s describing a crocodile, but that theory is a bit of a stretch by the time it has eyes that flash out rays like the dawn and breath that sets coals alight.

The consensus is that God is telling Job he has the power to defeat Satan, or untamed wild malevolence as personified by essentially the description of a dragon. Fire breathing, creating misery before it, indestructible.

Though now I think of it, last time they mentioned sea creatures – chapter 17, it was possibly to make a point about God being above all other Gods, the sea creature being a folk God of the Canaanites.  So maybe its that.

Whichever way, God is king over all.

We know something of the reason job suffered from Chapter 1, but even after God speaks, Job doesn’t.

And he is never told.

We are not told about our own. There is no promise it will be neat or make discernable patterns.

I’m commencing a period in which I work just one half of next Monday, over the next 19 days. Alleluia! I’ve craved, ached for a break.

Woken up in a hostel in the middle of bushland to celebrate my son Rennie’s 15th birthday. 6 adults, 5 teen-agers.

We’ve been here with this group, more or less, several times during his childhood. I’m enjoying a lovely slow morning in bed, far away and safe from pressure.

One sad visit a few years back, we learned of a parent’s cancer diagnosis. She pulled out of our holiday at the last minute because she got the news, and she’s gone now. I think of it every time we get the ferry for the last leg of the journey here.

There’s really no escape I suppose, you can’t make a bubble of safety and security.

But it feels like I have a gap before It’ll be back into the wild chaos of disaster and mayhem, small or large.

Try as you might, existence is an uncontrollable dragon, and only God is bigger.

It must be Christmas, I’m linking lots of music this week.. Here’s a song I wrote during that trip a few years back.

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