Job 30

This chapter is a massive ‘but now…’ as in ‘I was living the sweet life… but now…’

It starts with a long section on how scummy are the young men who now disrespect him. Now the least of the least are superior to him.  It goes into great detail about them.  Commentary says this is just to emphasise how pathetic Job is, not revelling in how debased they are.

No longer intimidated by job, they feel free to terrorise him.

God becomes a bringer of suffering too.

He finishes by saying he doesn’t understand, but he has become revolting in status, appearance and health, and is very miserable about it.

These chapters have a heavy irony over them. He’s now pitied by people he would previously never have given the time of day to. Drives him crazy.

As you get older there is a particular kind of scorn young people have for you, where they are so sure they will never be as pathetic as you, as if its your fault you got old without managing to be as successful or glamorous in reality as they imagine they will be by your age. And how can you compete with potential? How can the actual future you got to live because you were born earlier measure up to a young person’s rosy fantasy of the future?

Let it go. He’s lost perspective, and is wallowing in self pity. Job really is about how many things you need to be able to let go.

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