Job 26

Job will now speak for 6 chapters or so. First order of business is responding to Bildad, and in a way wrapping up everything the friends have had to say.

They’ve really moved not at all from the first response. All their talk has added up to nothing. Job sarcasticaly points that out.

They’ve said Job have to understand that mankind are worms and maggots compared to God. He knows, but what use is that?

He emphasises how much more aware he is of man’s inequality to the awesome power of God.

The reference to the power of the sea and God crushing the snake invites comparisons to God’s promise of retribution on the serpent in Genesis. But also, commentry says, it could be talking about Canaanite mythical sea creatures.

There is a theme running though Job not obvious to modern readers of asserting monotheism over folk gods. For instance, here the sea has the definite article, but the word for sea without it is the name of the sea God. Ie: calling it ‘the sea’ rather than ‘Sea’ makes it part of the created order, not a God itself.

My fave verse is the last, that as much as we understand of God’s power, it is but a whisper on the edges of his actual power.

I’m waking up at the large salvation army tribal event. Last night I attended a session on partnering to affect social change and fight injustice.

So they had a local panel only one of whom was a salvo. An indigenous law professor, the manager of a football club (Collingwood) a rough diamond sort of a guy who wound up on local council in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria spoke of how they worked with the Salvos.

The international leader, the General spoke with an intensity that belied his age, of how much justice means, comparing it to new shoots from the stumps of ruined lives, taking the metaphor of God’s salvation from Isaiah. Fiery.

And then a big band played some classics from Gershwin and others, what a night!

Ooops, gotta go to brekkie, may get back to this…

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