Job 13

Job continues with his response to Zophar. Interestingly, he speaks less about being sinless, and more about being as worthy as anyone to come before God, clearly he agrees with Zophar’s argument that he must have some sin.

Later he talks about God punishing him for the sins of his youth. That pretty arrogant still… ‘Ok, I used to be bad, but I’m good now!’ His humility is growing, but it’s not very big yet.

But anyway, he emphasises that he is not inferior morally to his friends, and quite passionately rejects them as sources of wisdom about God.

He says he has to confront God, and if they were in his shoes, they’d realise how empty their advice was.. ‘proverbs of ashes, defences of clay.’

This is between him and God, they can butt out. Indeed, he claims his boldness to speak to God is evidence of his godly heart.

He asks two things of God, to be less terrifying.. to allow him into his presence without fear, and to show him his sins.

He ends with a plea to God to speak to him, he compares himself to a garment being eaten away by moths. Quite a haunting image.

He’s pleading with God not to be silent. In this chapter, he is. God’s silence would be an interesting study. Here it’s used theatrically, to amp up the drama until the denouement.

I love the urgency of Job that won’t allow his problems to be put in a box. His suffering is the irritant that prevents smugness. He can’t settle. It’s like the sand in the oyster that produces the pearl.

The others can afford to be passive about God, but he really needs to know God.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons for it. We’d never seek him otherwise?

I also like how mixed up Job is. He’s everyman, he’s an emotional rollercoaster, which is honest. He would be, it’s what God made us to be. His emotions are what any of us would display.

Still struggled to concentrate at work. I’m trying to emphasise relational work, I’m good in the dynamic of a conversation.

I’m realising about myself that anxiety channels into an inability to finish things. I need to pay for boldness and confidence. Job has that because he feels he had no choice.

3 social media/ web jobs came up that I could apply for. A bit torn about social media… I’m not naturally great at it, but I have worked in it professionally in the past, so I know what you have to do.

I’ll def apply, but it eats you up a bit applying for jobs where you don’t think you’ll get them, and also they never include salaries, so you never know if its going to be a waste of emotional energy. Sigh.

Going to enjoy a Saturday of DIY. That’s satisfying at the moment.

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