Job 1

I’ve been dreading job for some reason. I love the book, I love the wisdom and poetry section of the Bible in general, but it feels like a big commitment.

Anyway, chapter one is a great start, and well known.

It sets up the dispute in heaven between God and Satan, an oppositional angel: job is righteous and blameless, but is it only because God gave him great wealth and success?

So God lets Satan take away Job’s blessing, to see if he will curse God.

In a series of events he loses his children and wealth.

There’s much I could say, and will no doubt. But for now, my first impression is that it taps into everyone’s fear. You don’t have to lose everything to have survivor guilt.

I spent the weekend with a dear friend, single mum whose brilliant daughter, same age as my oldest so now in her 20s, had immune encephalitis. A headache one day, a lifetime of feeding her, toileting her, very high needs.

There but for the grace of God. The random injustice of the world hangs there for all of us.

That is the subject of our exploration.

I suppose the thing is I feel it’s not top priority for me at the moment. I feel I have a pretty good handle on the ‘why does god allow suffering’ question. It sounds terribly arrogant, but 40 chapters of ‘dense Hebrew poetry’ as it’s often described, on that subject, seems a bit boring to me. Lots of scratching not much itching.

But the spirit has led me safe thus far, I plan to read the whole scriptures, so lets see how it unfolds.

Starting a new week, feeling quite upbeat after a relaxing weekend. Big improvement over last week.

3 thoughts on “Job 1

  1. Just finished listening to Job on the drive to work. Such profound issues explored fearlessly. Think I will work through it again. The language is incredible. Also amazing knowledge of nature. Pre David Attenborough how did the author know so much?

    1. Yes! totally. I’ve now read the last chapters where God speaks, and even parts of Elihu’s monologues, the understanding of nature is way beyond what I would have expected, and its quite moving, a point of connection between God creator and us his creation most in his image.

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