Psalm 70

A quick cry for help, notable for how moderate is the punishment David calls down on his enemies. They want to kill him, he wants God to bring them shame, confusion and disgrace.

He takes time out to pray that those who seek God will reloice and those in need of salvation will know his greatness.

But his pressing need is urgent rescue – its only a 7 verse Psalm and it starts and ends with that.

Salvation in these psalms does that double duty beloved of my employer, the salvation army. Salvation of body and soul. In the present physical circumstances and in the forever.

The clarity I got yesterday reading Psalm 69 worked out brilliantly. I negotiated my deadlines, satisfyingly progressed my paving (just got to do the little cut off bits on the end), and now I’m off on a sweet long weekend with friends with the mental decks cleared.

I can’t fully explain but I really need it, even the few hours of work I did yesterday before I went home, setting everything up, was almost like pain, I really couldn’t stand it.

Though at weekly prayers yesterday they read… You guessed it, Psalm 69. A reformed drug addict, ex rock musician, now a salvation army soldier spoke and played U2s ’40’. Extra resonance to ‘sing a new song’. What a gift, I was elated. Maybe I’m turning into an emotional yoyo like David!

I’ll be leaving Psalms to read Job shortly, but these things bob in and out of your lives.

They are a bit like the pop songs you grow up with, old friends, a bit of a sound track of moments in your life. They are difficult to read sequentially the way I have been, but they are great to have as a sort of playlist to revisit.

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