Psalm 65

This is a beautiful psalm. Its a praise psalm, but praising more what God does than who God is, and at the end it goes into wonderful tumbling raptures about the abundance and provision of nature.

It navigates the relationship between the chosen people and all people. God is God of all the earth, creator of all, blesses all, and all will come to him. But he finds specific praise and those who will keep vows to him in Zion, and they appreciate being blessed that way.

There is a creating/taming section and an abundance section.

They stand back in awe at the one who made and tamed mountains, roaring waters and nations. His power, size and eternal nature is a source of joy. I always think of the elation you feel when you go to an impressive lookout or see a big storm, or fly over lands.

But then it goes human scaled, the sweetness of abundant provision, of spring and harvest – spring is described as crowning the year. We sang a gorgeous anthem when I was young, set to these words.

I had a sense of the streams and creeks being like fingers of God’s blessing, spreading out life and gentleness over the earth, resulting in hills of gladness, covered in flocks and harvest carts overflowing with bounty.

Suits my mood, nicking off church to do – an admittedly self serving – DIY project.

Finally, after years, paving our backyard, in the happy anticipation of a summer of hospitality and enjoying meals outside in the warm evenings. Hashtag blessed!

Oh here is a vid of the anthem. I don’t think it’s the first time I’ve linked it, but it’s so sweet. Under 2 mins, just one verse of text, and the vid is of a slightly rough but keen choir… That was us. Visualise young me in the front row.

And the lines of polyphony, criss crossing melodies, remind me of those bright playful fingers of streams running though the hills and fields, the life blood of blessing.

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