Psalm 64

This is all about treacherous people. I was thinking, God already has largely protected me from that. I have very little treachery in my life.

I work at the salvation army (I ended the week with two job applications done, including the manger position that scares me a little, but which would also be great… And 3 or 4 more that I could do). Hard to imagine a less treacherous workplace. Apart from that, there’s family, old family friends, church people.

David describes tongues like swords, words like arrows. The key pivot is where he says God will turn their words against them.

David encourages people to be righteous rejoice in the Lord.

It’s a particularly good thing for me, because I don’t handle that sort of stuff well, I’m not very protective in the way I relate to people. I get stressed just reading the psalm.

It’s paving weekend here. I’m hopefully going to lay lots in my back yard. I shall use this prayer time to be thankful for the many blessings I do have and pray for my family.

I’m going to keep reading Psalms until 72, which is the end of book 2 of 5 divisions. Then I’ll flick to job, a bit of light reading there, and back to Psalms. I’m going to bounce around the poetry books for some time: Ecclesiastes, song of songs, two of my favourite books! But first, a bit more Psalms then job.

They caught a guy in the US who sent 12 bombs to critics of Donald Trump. He is my age, 56, and exactly who you would expect, a pathetic crazy little racist pizza delivery man with lots of hate in his life, no grace, and none coming from Trump worship. I’ll pray for the US election too.

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