Psalm 54

David is in trouble again. They pinpoint it to when he was being chased across the country by Saul, who wanted him dead.

David was on one side of a mountain, Saul on the other, and the locals, the Ziphites were helping Saul.

It falls into the pattern of cry before confidence that saying your problems out loud will do.

Starts with the panic part of the brain: ‘Lord help me!’ ‘are you listening?’. Then the calm part starts to reason: ‘you sustain me, evil won’t triumph forever, you’ve saved me in the past, you can do it again’.

Oh the value of prayer! Psychologists preach cognisance, the value of self talk to start processing our reactions. Prayer is cognisance plus… an awareness of a loving higher power working everything in the long run (admittedly sometimes a quite long run) for good. Self talk with extra juice.

I was reminding myself yesterday to trust God in the crisis. So reassuring today to consider that, if you are too in-the-moment to trust yet, merely shouting at God in a crisis can be a good starting point.

Yelling ‘Oh my God!’ when the hammer hits your thumb needn’t always be taking his name in vain.

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