Psalm 49

You can’t take it with you.

Don’t be a slave to wealth, don’t be jealous of it, don’t be threatened when it appears to enable people to get the upper hand.

If you think the aim of life is wealth, you are putting your trust in yourself and not God, and you can’t save yourself from death.

The people who trust God see the light of life. God redeems them from the dead and calls them to him. The rich will never have enough money to buy eternal life, it’s a ransom more costly than that.

It’s a simple message, but in the narrative of the Bible so far the concept of eternal reward, eternal life, is a rare insight and emphasis. It does justify the excited introduction spruiking the great wisdom you are about to hear.

For example, before this I just finished chronicles, the summary story of the whole old testament, from Adam to return from exile, but they didn’t really get to this revelation.

Eternal life is this idea, this truth, connected to the Messiah that comes to the O.T. writers in moments of transcendent inspiration of the spirit, almost like speaking in tongues.

The tragedy is, we have this truth, but we are still slaves to money. It’s one thing to know it, but another to know it. It still requires a constant focus on God and empathy for fellow man to begin to fight back the iron grip that wealth has on us.

What a good idea to make a song of it, so you can sing it into your consciousness. I probably won’t get the chance, but this one deserves to be put to modern music.

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