Psalm 43

This is a sequel to 42. Sometimes they were printed as one, but I did like where the other was left.

The psalmist asks for vindication. He asks to be rescued. I liked how the request for rescue echoes Exodus and Deuteronomy. Led by light, to a mountain of blessing.

He’s doing the consistency argument. Reminding God that He saves…

He mentions being back in the temple praising God on the Lyre. He’s a church guitarist! He’s saying ‘Isn’t that we where you want me God? Where I am supposed to be?’ ‘You like praise don’t you? Put me back and you’ll get more praise…’

It’s a bit like a business proposal: ‘I think your interests and my interests could be better aligned if you take certain mutually beneficial steps…’

But its a good test for prayer. This sort of logic prayer seems self serving, almost manipulative at first blush, but the mutuality of it is a check that the prayer is the within the will of God.

The answer could still be ‘no’ of course but if you are saying ‘God, your character has been this, your plans were this’ it’s a good starting point. It’s respectful, acknowledging that God is calling the shots. It’s the revelation thus far.

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