Psalm 36

The small and the big. David has a message about the evil ones… They so don’t count.

He talks about them 3 and a half verses in which the evil does just sound pathetic, not to be feared. They confuse themselves with self flattery, not only bad but foolish, and somehow small, lying in their bed at night stuck in the minutiae of their own plotting.

Then 6 verses of contrasting praise of God – no contest. Boundless love, justice, rightness of cosmic dimensions An abundant feast, a fountain of Life feeding a river of delight for us to drink. It’s over the top, the contrast makes the evil ridiculous.

It’s like self talk, king David convincing himself and us we’ve made the right choice in rejecting evil.

What a boost, a reminder of the cosmic power situation. Combating fear by remembering God’s overwhelming blessing. A great mantra: God is love, God is justice, God is bigger.

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