Psalm 33

A praise Psalm. There are lots. I’ve decided not to overthink Psalms.

It’s a bit like love songs. You don’t analyse them as to what you can learn on the subject of love that has never been said before. The same thing gets said over and over.

They aren’t lessons, they’re a moment, a mood, they maybe have a catchy hook that brightens your morning, moves your feet or lifts your heart. It’s enough.

This praise song calls for musicians to crank up for a praise session. Then it says God is faithful and fair, big, powerful, forever, and he loves us! Hooray! And we’re done.

The poetic highlights that caught my eye include:

When they are saying he’s big: his breath made stars, he puts the seas in jars,

When they are saying he’s strong: an image of God looking down from heaven, watching over the world, stronger than armies, warriors and horses.

Loving: watching over us, forming our hearts, being a shield and filling us with joy.

My last day to neaten up lots of messy work projects before I go on long birthday weekend with Kelly: I can do it! Gonna sing my way into the weekend!


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