2 Chronicles 35

King Josiah’s greatest moment and his death.

His greatest moment is his Passover, which is twice the size and more perfectly in line with the law than Hezekiah’s. They use a rare phrase indicating that everything was done as God pleases.

It involved the logistic challenge of sacrificing and cooking one lamb per each household in one day. The planning and the flair, such as providing music, which was not strictly required, made this a stunning national barbeque.

No king, since Samuel, had done a more perfect one. It’s a representative act of one of the most loved and devout Kings.

His death was foolish, fighting Egypt on behalf of the Assyrians, when it wasn’t his battle. It’s clear he was displeasing God by being there, as the text quotes the Egyptian leader himself prophesying God’s judgement on his participation in the battle.

The Assyrian Empire was waning, Babylon we on the rise with Egypt allied, and it would signal the end for Jerusalem.

So returned to the ruined Jerusalem, temple rebuilt, reading this book, that Passover must have been an incredibly poignant climax to it. A standard to inspire and aspire to.

I had a challenging weekend. The family is indeed not happy. I did do a few things to make ren buck up, we’re making the shed into a bit of a man cave/ dude retreat for his mates, plus he found a good bargain on sneakers, shopping therapy!

I think my dissatisfaction is symbolised by my song writing project, which is going terribly. I’m forcing it, there’s no genuine feeling there. It’s an escape, not a gift. How can I say? It should be enhancing not distracting from life. I’m not enjoying my hobby. Just feeling inadequate and unable to improve, and too much in my own head.

Can’t really articulate but will pray.

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