2 Chronicles 31

I suppose it was inevitable that the writer of chronicles would go bananas for a whole chapter about the obedience of king Hezekiah, expressed in the specifics of how he organised the temple. That’s why he picked up his pen.

The system really is a concrete expression of the commandment to love the Lord with all your heart. The chapter hangs off the word “wholeheartedly” in the last verse, describing Hezekiah’s obedience.

I always panic a little at the amount of effort and resources the system requires – I called it clunky a few chapters ago.

But we’re also called to put God #1, I should examine how wholehearted I am.

I like here how the sheer abundance of it is a bit chaotic. The tithing, enthusiastically obeyed, quickly produces great heaps of produce, and you sense they are playing catch-up organising storehouses and searching out the dispersed and forgotten members of the priest tribe to distribute it to.

A whole workforce is suddenly released from the fields to full time service of God. The childhoods of children as young as three are transformed, becoming focused on preparing to take on a priestly role.

The Levites tribe system of inherited full time ministry, by blood not calling, has always niggled at me. It’s strange to us now. It’s a little, in my mind, like arranged vs. love marriages. I wonder if the results are actually much different.

And I suppose for the deeper meaning of ‘priest’, descendants of Aaron, people able to come into God’s presence, it’s very appropriate. All believers are inheritors of their priesthood now.

I liked the detail that this is about the first time the people themselves destroy the poles and worship places of the other Gods, not just by order of the king. The experience of the communal Passover feast and teaching in the last chapter has won the people back to Jehovah. It’s a description of revival.

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