2 Chronicles 20

Various neighbouring countries seek to take advantage of Judah’s relative weakness to attack. God engineers a ‘Lock stock and two smoking barrels’ victory. That was a film where all the baddies killed each other.

It’s another example of godly leadership.

Jehoshaphat calls everyone together. This verse he says to God before the people is a keeper ‘We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you’

One of the people has a prophetic utterance, and lays out how victory will occur without them having to fight. This guarantees peace thoughout his reign.

Jehoshaphat tries another alliance with the North, but gets rebuked and it fails.

He goes soft on folk religion. But all in all, one of the best, a forgotten example of leadership.

I’m planning a two part song about chronicles, it’s going to be about the church and leadership. Catchy content! It will also be a personal history, as I am trying to make all the history songs.

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