2 Chronicles 10

As soon as Solomon is gone, Israel, the northern  kingdom, rebels against the south, the house of David, and remained so until the book was written… they speculate it was one of the last chronologically in the old testament.  Only 2 tribes, Judah and Benjamin stay loyal to David’s house.

They are rebelling against greed. The old rich-get-richer thing, it seems trickle down didn’t happen in the ancient world either. Solomon’s son doubled down on the labour camps that kept all the splendour rolling at the capital, even though the temple and the palace were done, and the people got gyp.

Similar to the same story in Kings they make it a case of him listening to young advisers, not elders.  The privileged youth have been raised in wealth, and have no empathy for the common people.

That’s it, I’m over greed. It’s decided, God!


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