2 Chronicles 4

Details the lavish interior materials and decoration of the temple.

I was struck by some of the new testament echos, like when Revelation spoke of christ walking among the golden lamps, which are metaphors for the churches, it would have evoked to Jews the lamps that lined the interior.

The contrast between the finery and the grisly purpose of the temple, with 1000s of animals marching to their death, also intrigued me.  The hygiene work must have been extreme.  I think it had no windows. What must have been like inside! Everything gleaming with gold filigree. Was there a stench?

It is God giving the people what they understand, an animal sacrifice religion, as religion was widely understood in their area at that time. And for starters, they got grandest version of it ever, fitting for the God above all Gods.

‘God is love’ includes god only ever blows our minds so far. God loves faith, a positive response to him. He meets faith at a place we are capable of expressing it.

I did the church warden thing of reminding people to keep up the giving the other Sunday. One of our members who is steeped in faith, but less mentally able than most, gave me her copy of the Sunday paper in response.  I didn’t say “don’t you realise I was talking about money, not newspapers. This is useless to us”. Of course not. How much more our heavenly father…

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