1 Chronicles 13


Usually a presumptuous person gets a verbal dressing down but the person who presumes to catch the ark of the covenant from falling gets death.

It’s shocking, having been trained all my life as an evangelical Christian not to give objects power, to avoid the popish veneration of statues and so forth. Yet this covenant box, as it’s called here, has that power.

We’re also entering the repeat zone. Chronicles and Kings follow each other quite closely at times. I could just copy over my comments from before, maybe, or do the fun game where you mine the slight differences in the texts for deeper meaning.

I suppose we get the life of Jesus 4 times. The story of exodus goes in circles like the trip, over four books. It’s just how it is. The histories of the kings of Israel don’t seem as important now as they must have back then, but as we are to learn, obedience to God’s perspective is. So I’ll go through again, and have many similar thoughts again, with humility.

The issue with the ark is not the object but obedience. They’d been told how to carry it in Numbers, but they consulted each other rather than God’s word and came up with a special cart. Then, in the moment it threatened to fall from the cart, Uzziah thought better of the rule about not touching it, but he was wrong.

As I commented last time, it’s God’s right as creator to appoint the day of our death. This was his day, and if Israel had listened to the message, they may not have been destroyed. If David had listened, he may not have had murder in his biography.

Entering into the period of the kings they get a sharp message about the issue that would end the period of the kings, reverence for God’s word.

We don’t think of Fred hollows life as wasted, but there is still needless blindness caused by poverty in the world. Nor mother Theresa’s, but there are still slums in India, So who’s to say what a valuable life looks like?

I’m very sad today, I’m haunted by my failings, my procrastination, my inability to cope with things. I’m closed off, trying to live a good life, but Paul’s way. Paul’s special cart. I need to share, to offer to God my desire to cope better under my own steam.

Kelly can never understand why I try to solve everything myself, why I don’t read instruction manuals or ask for help. She’s right.

And OK, so maybe reading some of these stories again does make sense.

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