1 Chronicles 5

Stories about the tribes settlement of the holy land, lots of facts and bits of narrative.

Positive examples of God’s intervention are mentioned, such and such a tribe won a war because God was on their side, rather than negative, judgement. Which sort of gives the impression that mostly God was not intervening, but I doubt that is intentional. It has a largely pragmatic tone. Spin free!

I also had a sense of history repeating, with the mention of historic conquests and exiles. One is aware that come the end of chronicles 2, the fall of Jerusalem will be the climax.

It feels like a warm up to modern reader, I have a sense of ‘let’s get on with it’.

I’m in turmoil, stuggling with my own failings, particularly procrastination, my inability to get onto stressful things is frustrating the hell out of me. And thrown me into constant anxiety the last few days.

The insecurity of my position is eating me up somewhat too. The 6 month contract will be up in August, and they are saying they are going to give me another 3 months, but beyond that is very uncertain. Another stressful Christmas!

To prayer!


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