Jeremiah 42

Right so has Judah learned it’s lesson? Find out in tomorrow’s exciting episode!

Infighting within the depleted remnant of Judah has blown apart the order that the Babylonian conquerors put in place. When you are occupied Poland, you don’t want to make the Nazis angry.

The plan is to run away to Egypt before the Babylonian rulers find out and seek retribution.

They know enough to ask Jeremiah at least. And he says”no”. After 10 days God’s voice comes to him, Egypt will mean death, they must stay and face the music.

Will they? See chapter 43, presumably.

“Everything happens for a reason” people say, but when similar situations come up again, have you learned from life? Does the scar tissue of life teach us to pray or harden us to get deeper into trusting our own judgement as we grow older?

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