Jeremiah 33

Poor Jeremiah, he’s locked up in the guard area of the king’s palace, and then after a lifetime of dire visions, he starts to get messages about the restoration and blessing to Israel that will come after the exile.

The visions here are sort of bipolar…in fact he describes them as night and day.  One minute bodies are being piled up, the next the same streets echo with the laughter of a joyous wedding, etc. The rapid pace of the competing strains of his visions must have been quite discombobulating.

There is a quote “the throne of David will never fail” – bought back memories of my crazy year 7 teacher, who believed and taught the british israel theory, that the UK throne was the Davidic throne, after the “lost” tribe of Israel wandered across europe and settled in the UK.  The bizarre evidence for this, that the Danube is named for the tribe of Dan etc. has been profoundly disputed. At least my teacher was of Jewish origin, the theory became in parts of america a vehicle for antisemitism, I now discover.

Of course a more mainstream christian view of that promise is that the throne of David was led to the Messianic kingship, of Jesus, and the talk of all nations reflected Jesus’ inclusivity.





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