Jeremiah 31

At last, God’s love is affirmed. He has been like the father who knows that punishment is right so has withheld his true love for them. This chapter is full of generous imagery of joy, dancing, justice for the vulnerable.

The spontenaity is because the law is in their hearts not in written form. It’s a prediction of a native outpouring of the spirit.

God is almost like a nervous host, making sure his guests, the his people returning from judgement to his place of love, are looked after in every detail – putting up a signpost to Zion, making a level path to walk on, etc.

The bit that stood out for me was the strength and obviousness of God’s steadfast love. He goes big, talks about the heavens and creation, and only when they can be cut down to size will the size of his love for his people be known.

We must not underrate evil and sin, but neither must we underrate the stronger, endless vastness of God’s love.

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