Isaiah 56

Made it to the last 10 chapters of Isaiah.  It would be nice to say that blogging the bible is never a hard slog.  Isaiah has been wonderful, but its very long, and not that structured. The themes dance around poetically.  Its a world unto itself that reading in chunks day by day doesn’t really do justice to.

The last 10 chapters are apparently, according to the youtube overview symmetrical.  I don’t know what that really adds, but it means the theme first up, of all nations being acceptable to god, will repeat at the very end… the second theme will be second last, the third will be third last etc.  I think the messiah is at the centrepoint, as you would expect.

The nations being acceptable to god is great news for australians!

But more specifically, it says eunuch’s are acceptable – outsiders – queer – gender fluid? This is a clear evolution from Leviticus where they were specifically excluded, along with anyone with any mark, from being in the temple. You don’t surgery your way from god’s grace, and the culture around it shifts towards acceptance the more the bible reveals the size of god’s love.

God’s house is a house of prayer for all peoples, a gathering of all outcasts.  Its generous, its broad.

There is a sting in the tail of the chapter for the chosen people, the leaders of Israel who are spoken of very unflatteringly as lazy, corrupt, etc.

In terms of how my project to trust God in doing what is right at work – which I mentioned in the last post – there has been a pretty big paradigm shift since then. They made me redundant that very day.  It was pretty brutal… if only they’d given me a bit of time to apply for other jobs while in the job, but it was “don’t come back tomorrow morning”.  Whoah!

I’ve started processing it and certainly remain trusting that it is part of a larger plan.  I love being a communicator, perhaps this is a chance to start communicating something I care about more deeply?

I don’t feel I can afford to be too ideological however, we have 5 mouths to feed – my wife is one year into a 3 year degree, my youngest son has at least 3 years of high school to complete.  My #1 way to reflect God’s love is to provide, for now, and I’m happy to do it.  The redundancy is a good chance to remind my older children – 24 and 26 – that I won’t be around forever though.

Job applications to follow.  I’ll keep you posted.


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