Isaiah 15

Ok, we’re entering a section of dire predictions for neighbours of Israel.

Moab will have attacks on its major cities at night, and commerce will fail. The suffering caused by the broken economy is sketched in with sad detail.

Israel has connections with Moab, even though they are enemies.  David was related to people from Moab, via Ruth. And further back, they are related to Lot, the brother of Abraham.

But their judgement will be absolute. Israel can count to the promise that a remnant will be saved, not so Moab.

Perhaps I should use this series of prophesies to think about power structures today that will not survive, to think about God’s rule.

God rules despite division-bating conservatives, who just want to divide and sow hatred. Who appeal to people’s base instincts with lies that cover a self serving agenda. They will be bought low!


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