Isaiah 11

A huge passage about the Messiah. The mix of hope and despair are there in the opening metaphor. The people will think the kingship of David is cut off, but the dormant stump will shoot.

There follows an extravagant description of the messiah’s spirit filled character, overflowing with the spirit and blessing of God, his justice and compassion for the poor, and the transforming nature of his kingdom where all will be at peace, creation as it was intended to be.

Then we see the scope of it, all nations are called under his banner, the Jews are bought back after being dispersed in a straight Highway from Assyria. Egypt, the place of slavery, is destroyed.

It’s a glorious vision. It was partly realised in the return of the Jews to Jerusalem, but there was no Messiah. Jesus was the Messiah, but there are aspects of it still to come.

It’s sort of exciting thinking about a great time that is to come, children being able to play safely near boaconstrictors etc. But from hope should also spring a realigned mindset.

The truth is eternal. We need to live this now judging fairly, striving for justice, delighting in the fear of the lord, calling all nations to be under the banner of Christ, pursuing peace, forgetting rivalries.

The promise of the Messiah is also the revelation of God’s character. An event and a state of affairs.


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