Isaiah 10

Will an axe boast that it is better than the one who wields it?

A condemnation of Israelites who opress the poor and vulnerable. They are bringing judgement. A metaphor of a nest of wealth, and God’s judgement like taking the eggs of a chicken.

A condemnation of Assyria, the axe, the rod by which God brings judgement.  They’ll become arrogant in their run of victory. But their turn will come to be judged too.

Cue the prediction of the return of the remnant.

Isiah does not follow a structured argument, he weaves themes. Most of it is poetic in form.

It seems compiled from writing over a period of time responding to various events with writings and statements that return to, and build upon the same themes.

I’m feeling busy, a little down, lost in my list of things to do. Somewhat overworked and overwhelmed.

Trying to connect with the idea of Isaiah as someone who deals in extremes. He flicks from despair to hope. It’s all going to be destroyed. It will also be returned, better than it was.

Anything but “meh”, where I am. And where his audience often we too, no doubt.




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