2 Kings 25

Details the utter destruction of Solomon’s Jerusalem. The walls are broken down, the houses burned, the temple destroyed. The last King, zedekiah, is defeated ironically on the plains of Jericho the scene of God’s first mighty victory for the chosen people in the promised land.

His children are slaughtered in front of him then his eyes put out and he’s slapped in chains. A governor is put into Jerusalem and all but very few of the Israelites are taken away, so Jerusalem is mostly a foreign population.

The book ends with a of note of mercy from the king of Babylon. The second last King has been carried away to Babylon. He is eventually released and allowed to dine before the king in the palace. He’s given a small income and lives out his days in dignity.

The message seems to be: this is not about the king of Babylon being the devil. He is the vehicle of judgement.

This is about God judging the evil of the chosen people.

It’s the sad end of a massive narrative that started with the promise to Abraham of a chosen people, though slavery in Egypt, rescue, the period of judges in the promised land then Kings in the promised land and now it’s all gone.

The people are not a nation again. The promise to Abraham will be realised in Christ’s people, not his literal descendants.

When Jesus will say “the kingdom of God is at hand” is will be a statement laden with all this history of failure. The kingdom will be spiritual.

Israel has another chapter or two in that story, amazingly enough, but it will never have the same hope.

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