2 Kings 10

Jehu the violent King continues to ensure the slaughter of every child (70!) of the bad King Ahab, and every worshipper of Baal, who he tricks with lies about claiming to love Baal.

He talks about his “zeal for the Lord” and is aware of bringing about the judgment pronounced by Elisha.

However, his dedication to Jehovah doesn’t play out in his life, he continues to allow the calf worship that Elisha & Elijah before him have strongly denounced to previous kings. During his reign various parts of the empire are stripped away by rebellions, which Elisha also saw when he wept upon meeting the foreign future king Hazael.

God’s judgment, god’s purposes, coincide with a season of power for Jehu.  But there is no real connection. For Jehu his religious talk is opportunistic. His trust is in his own, fleeting, strength.

Its a good lesson in the relationship of politics and religion: proceed with caution.

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