1 Kings 16

A series of Israel, northern, kings. They seem to go faster and faster, a series of military coups. Basically none of the kings of Israel acknowledge the true God. Again a prophet has the voice of God calling out the evil and the judgement.

We’ve had the era of judges, the era of kings, both of which became corrupt after some periods of godly glory. Now we are entering the period of prophets, lone voices speaking truth to power.

The fourth dynasty starts with Omri, who is the most evil yet. He builds the capital of Israel in Samaria. Then his son Ahab, is more evil again. He marries Jezebel, and together they adopt the worship of Baal. 

They rebuild Jericho, the walls of which God bought down. The word of the lord is chillingly recalled as the the person in charge of the building loses his firstborn then his youngest son according to the curse uttered by Joshua on anyone who attempted to rebuild after God’s mighty victory.

Ahab is showing utter contempt for God. But the true God’s word and strength stay forever, that is the constant message.

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