1 Kings 15

4 kings, 2 southern, of Judah, 2 northern, of Israel.  The first and foremost fact we must know about each is whether they were lovers of Jehovah, or doers of evil in God’s eyes.

Only one, Asa the second King in Judah is faithful to Jehovah and takes action to stamp out the worship of foreign Gods.

God’s hand is behind their rise and fall.  The line of the Kings of Judah (South) is protected by God because as we now know, it was important that David’s line continue, it was the line of the Messiah. So he does not judge the first, faithless King of Judah, Abijam as harshly as the Northern kings, of Israel.

The first Norther, Israel King mentioned, Nadab, is the heir of Jeroboam, who’s line was doomed in the last chapter by a prophet.  And indeed the next King Baasha is not related and destroys all of Jeroboam’s line.  ….And does evil in God’s eyes anyway.  All those Kings are judged not only for the sin they commit, but what they lead the people into.

Asa the God fearing King enters an alliance that strengthens the smaller Judah kingdom against a near decisive blow by Baasha in the civil war from the kingdom of Israel, thereby preserving – barely – the “Lamp of David” as the Judah royal line is called, in the South.

Asa has to sell the rest of the family gold and silver to do it.  In Deuteronomy it warned the King of the chosen people against amassing wealth, now 2 kings later, all the wealth of Solomon is gone.

Judgment in the north, salvation slowly being worked out in the south.

I’ve had this feeling before. You wonder if things that happen in your life are just you being superstitious, or spiritualising events.  God knew us intimately before we were even born.  His hand is everywhere.


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