1 Kings 10

A chapter devoted to the glory of king Solomon’s reign. The Queen of Sheba visits. His fleet, with help from king Hiram, brings wealth from all around. 

They seem to become a trade hub, particularly for horses, and Solomon’s wisdom – which the passage says God put in his mind – is sought by many foreign rulers. 

Israel becomes incredibly wealthy. Forget milk and honey, try good and silver flowing throughout the land.

The Queen of Sheba recognises and praises God and Solomon’s accomplishments as the source of his greatness.

The success and influence fulfill Deuteronomy, where it says Israel will become an example to the nations of God’s blessing. 

There are also notes of disobedience to the law. The amassing of wealth and horses was particularly prohibited of Israel’s king.  He wasn’t to personaly hold onto God’s blessing, it was for the nation as a whole.

A commentator noted that Solomon was paid 666 talents of gold per year, the only other time the number appears other than as “of the beast” in revelation, perhaps a warning about another person who will start good but ultimately become corrupt.

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