Numbers 18

So starting afresh after major rebellions and terrible plague. Good addresses Aaron, who with his wife had contributed to sing Moses’ leadership, rejecting the discontent of the people.

The levites are the temple serving tribe, and the priests are Aaron’s family, a subset within the levites tribe.  The responsibility for their behaviour, levites and priests all falls on Aaron.

They in turn are responsible for the sacrifices which cleanse the whole nation, and save them from death. 

God is reminding Aaron of his role. The priests are to tithe the tithes, give a tenth of the offerings they receive to God, sins they are also their wages for their service at the tabernacle.

Aaron has been a weak link and God is reminding him he is the centre and pillar of the whole system. 

I’ve increased my responsibility at church, and the first week after, I slept in and didn’t even go!  I’m glad mine isn’t as big or as life and death as Aaron’s. But it is impressing itself upon me, the seriousness of it. Mustn’t let them down.

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